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Match timing notes

Assume the range is closed one hour before the match starts for setup and registration. NRL closes the range at 8am.

  • Thursday Matches:  Matches will start promptly at 6:00 pm, so please arrive by 5:30 for registration and info.
  • NRL22: 1st Saturday each month Set up 8-9am, sight in 9-10am, match starts at 10am. Cost: $10 members, $15 non-members.
  • Monday Night Bullseye matches: 1st and 3rd Monday 
  • Monday Night Steel Matches: 2nd and 4th Monday 
  • Hoosier Hills Youth Marksmanship has the rifle range reserved Wednesday evenings 5pm-dusk Rifle range closed, pistol bay is still open.
  • Club Meetings are on the 3rd Thursday of each month, after the match (so the match can have better light). Winter meetings are held at 6pm at the venue specified.

Match Descriptions page

Google Docs Calendar

« December 2023 »
  • Saturday, 8:00am EST-2:00pm EST  
  • Please join Hoosier Hills Rifle & Pistol club for the This year's NRL22 season! HHRP is a member of NRL so scores will be posted with NRL22.

    When: Saturday . Setup starts at 8am. Range is open for sight-in 9-10, Match safety briefing starts at 10am
    Range is closed to general use until the event is over.

    please sign up on practiscore

    Please review the month's course of fire at
    Where: HHRP Outdoor range in Gnaw Bone, Indiana between Columbus and Nashville.,-86.1415384/@39.2007214,-86.1426111,1436m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!4m1!3e0
    (one driveway west of Suburban Propane, go down the road and look for the turnoff to the left)

    If you haven't shot NRL22 before, the short version is five stations, ten rounds in two minutes, shooting multiple positions (prone, sitting, kneeling, offhand, with and without support), multiple distances (25-100 yards), and varying targets (1/4"-4" steel, paper). It isn't hard, but it is challenging and a lot of fun.

    More details, FAQ, rules, classes, course of fire, etc available at
    HHRP Club info:
  • Hoosier Hills Rifle and Pistol Club, 400-698 Camp Moneto Rd, Nashville, IN 47448, USA
  • Event Category: Meeting, Game

General info

Non-members are welcome at matches, meetings, and other events unless otherwise noted. Outside of those events, the HHRP range is for club members and their guests only.

All non-members must sign a waiver whether they are shooting or not. Waivers are available on site in the black plastic file box behind the notices board or here to print out and bring with.

Match fees are $5 for members, $10 for non-members unless otherwise specified.

Match Registration

We use Practiscore for many matches. You can sign up ahead of time for them  below:

Monday Night Steel
All other matches

Outdoor Range reminders:

  • Pistol calibers and .22lr ONLY in the pistol bay. NO centerfire rifle rounds.
  • Stay back from the steel! copper jackets, even lead backsplash can draw blood. 15 yards for pistols, 100 yards for centerfire rifles.
  • Pick up your own brass and if you are not taking it with you, place it in the brass-can next to the garbage cans.
  • If you bring your own targets and stands - take them home with you (This includes cleaning up leftovers like popped balloons, pumpkin chunks, other debris/leftovers)
  • If you utilize club stands - Red end down. No staples in the red end!
  • If you utilize club stands - put them away when you are finished
  • There is no trash service - please clean up your own trash. If you can take a bag with you AWESOME.