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My fascination with firearms started at a young age, seemingly without explanation.I grew up on a farm in East Central Indiana where we had an old single shot 12 gage shotgun and a couple .22 rifles.They were considered tools and nothing more.My interest in firearms really kicked into high gear when a friend gave me a stack of old Guns and Ammo magazines.I was about twelve at the time and after reading them, I decided I needed to become a rifleman.When time allowed, I practiced on my own with Dadís .22 bolt action Savage and became a reasonably good shot with it.Dad rarely shot with me because he was preoccupied with running our farm but, when he did, he was quite good.I later learned that his performance should not have surprised me, since he spent time in the 1950ís on the Marine Corps Rifle Team.


I joined the Marines after graduating high school and the time I spent with the Savage served me well, as I qualified Expert with the M16 throughout my enlistment.While the Corps was very effective at teaching marksmanship, it did little in the way of instilling good gun handling skills (in the Ď80ís).To be honest, I really didnít give Ďproperí gun handling a lot of thought because I didnít know any better.I always considered myself competent and safe but, in reality I was operating at Skill level 1 (see Handgun Training Page).


I always wanted to become proficient with a handgun but didnít have the chance while in the Marines or after my enlistment. College, starting a family and career put that desire way down the priority list.However, since reading those old issues Guns and Ammo, I knew I wanted a 1911 .45 acp. Once I reached the point in my life that I could get one, I was overwhelmed with all the choices, options and conflicting information (some swear by brand X, others swear at brand Y).During this time I had the extreme good fortune to get to know a shooter who was willing to help guide me through the learning process of properly selecting and running a handgun.He is a multiple graduate of GunSite, Thunder Ranch, has taken numerous classes from the most renowned trainers in the business and is one of the most capable shooters I know.He was able to help me connect the dots on purchasing the Ďrightí handgun, correct equipment, seek the best training and tutored me on the Modern Technique of the Pistol.


My friendís training methods and the logic of the Modern Technique meshed very well with my military experience and engineering mindset.As my awareness and skill level grew, I came to realize how difficult it is for people to get the same kind of quality training that I have been fortunate to receive.I also realized that I could not have achieved the skills I posses today without formal training.Even if I had the awareness to seek out the best literature, there is no replacement for supervised practice with an experienced person to quickly and effectively progress from Skill Level 1 to Skill Level 4.After witnessing the power of quality instruction, I feel somewhat obligated to pass the training and information Iíve received onto others.I have benefited greatly from experienced shooters and hope to return the favor so we can continue to help educate as many good citizens as possible.Remember, the quickest way to turn a non gun person into a shooter is to invite them to the range and show them the fundamentals in a safe, fun and friendly environment.




Craig Hetisimer



Training Courses Taken

USMC, Expert Rifleman, 1984-1988

Gunsite Defensive Pistol 250, 2006

Jim Higginbotham, Fire for Effect Defensive Pistol, 2009

Threat Solutions, Tactical Shotgun, 2010

NRA Basic Handgun, 2010

NRA Personal Protection in the Home, 2010

USPSA, Single Stack, 2006 to present

Godís Fist self defense class, Tom Griswold, 2010

Jim Higginbotham, Surviving Lethal Encounters, Jan 2011

Certified NRA Instructor, Basic Pistol, Firearm Safety in the Home, 2011

Tom Givens, Range Masterís Tactical Conference, March, 2012

Bill Jeans, Close Quarters Combat, Carbine, May, 2012

Rangemaster Certified Instructor Course, Tom Givens, Aug, 2013


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